Upcoming Affinity Bargaining!

After a long hiatus, our team will be back at the table with the PSU administration for Affinity Bargaining, the special one-day IBB negotiation model specifically designed for economics. As our team prepares for that crucial — and hopefully final — day of bargaining on May 6, we need to know what economic issues are most important to you. We will be negotiating around the following:

  • Wages
    • Longevity increases
    • Wage rates for faculty making the minimum per credit rate and for those above the minimum
    • Wage rates or additional support for over-enrolled classes and online teaching
  • Benefits
    • Professional Development Fund
    • Faculty Education Fund
    • Health Care Fund
    • PERS Pick-up
    • Campus Amenities
    • Parking and Transportation
  • Extra-Instructional Compensation
    • Pay for Late Appointments and Cancelled Classes
    • Pay for Committee Work
    • Adjunct Excellence Award
    • Compensation for Collective Bargaining
    • Sick Leave

We will be guided by the interests the two teams jointly outlined at the table. Some of which include:

  • Fairness
  • Responsiveness to needs and local economic trends
  • Equity with comparators, amongst part-time faculty and with full-time faculty
  • Hope for the future
  • Sustainable career paths
  • Healthy working/learning conditions
  • Recognition of seniority and outstanding contributions
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty
  • Respect for available resources
  • Trust and maintenance of a good labor management relationship
  • Financial sustainability for the University
  • Having people feel they have a stake in the university’s success etc.

Reading through this list, it is pretty clear the distinct interests of the two teams. We will have to challenge the University to acknowledge the enormous contributions of adjunct faculty and push them to shift their funding priorities.

If you can, please take a few minutes to respond to the survey below, which will be open for 1 week. In addition, join us for bargaining on the 6th, come observe and let the Administration see our strength in numbers. Stay tuned for more information. And…

Take the Survey


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