Update after March 4th Negotiation Session



Overall, in this session we completed some unfinished business, and we discussed issues related to member well-being and rights, which aren’t sufficiently addressed in our current contract. We also set the stage for our major economics discussion.

We finalized a Letter of Agreement setting plans in motion for On-boarding and Orientation for adjuncts. Right now, there is nothing in place to orient new part-time faculty to the University. PSUFA has attempted to address the situation by organizing an Adjunct Day each of the past two years. While successful, we haven’t reached a majority of adjuncts who can benefit from orientation processes. Now, working jointly with Academic Affairs, we’ll begin to develop such a process.

We also included language in the Facilities section that may, in the future, provide better workspace for our members. We discussed extending library access, and agreed that an adjunct can get extended access by requesting it from their chair. We also revised our section on Safe Conditions, outlining clearer procedures and protections to ensure that part-time faculty members have recourse in situations of hazardous building conditions, or harassment, threats, and bullying. We also strengthened language in our sections on Disputes and Intellectual Property.

The most exciting aspect of the negotiation session was a continuation of a discussion about setting up a University award (or awards) specifically for adjunct faculty. It was suggested that adjuncts can vie for some existing university wide awards, but we are at a disadvantage when competing with full time faculty. Both teams agreed that adjuncts need their own award and that it should have some monetary component. We agreed to develop a Letter of Agreement that will set a working group in motion to develop an awards procedure and reception process.

Last but not least: We began our discussion of economics by defining 3 basic areas that will define our economic negotiations: wages (including salary, pay bumps for longevity, online teaching rate, teaching assistants for certain large classes, class size in general), benefits (including the existing 3 programs-health care, faculty ed, professional development-plus parking/transportation, access to ASRC and EAP) and extra-instructional compensation (compensation for committee work, for bargaining, sick leave, and the adjunct excellence award that will be created by the committee).

Next session will be a clean up session for outstanding issues other than economics and a report from a subcommittee composed of members of both teams who met to get more information and clarification from the Administration’s economic presentation and budget model which we saw during our the 2/26 session.

After that it is to Affinity Bargaining an accelerated IBB process for negotiating economic issues. Stay tuned for more.






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